Flooss Wallet is a mobile wallet that can be used to pay your bills & send money to your friends and family in the easiest way possible.

You do not require to have a bank account to register on Flooss App

In a matter of minutes after you successfully complete the (KYC) verification process.

You can take advantage of the Flooss wallet for all in-app payments such as bill payments and voucher purchasing.

Click on Activate wallet and complete the (KYC) verification process. Your wallet will be automatically activated.

Benefitpay/Debit Card/ Flooss Wallet

Flooss wallet can be used to pay your bills in-app and the money can also be used to be remitted across to other Flooss wallet holders.

You can top up your Flooss Wallet using your debit card, and Benefitpay App. You can also receive money from anyone who has a Flooss wallet.

You can only use the money in app to pay your bills or send it to other peers.

The limit is 1000 BD as regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain