Flooss provides instant loan approval and the money gets disbursed direct into your bank account within 1 working day.

There is no paperwork to fill out, no hidden costs, and everything is completely transparent.

Flooss is a leading fintech platform in the Kingdom of Bahrain providing quick, seamless and affordable loans.

* Convenient and Easy
* Loan approved in 6 minutes
* Safe & Trusted

On the app store & google play store

*Prepaid cards
*Bill Payments
*Gift Vouchers

Enter simple contact information
Complete your KYC
Enjoy Flooss services

KYC is a legal requirement by the Central Bank of Bahrain for financial institutions and financial services companies to establish a customer's identity and identify risk factors.

Yes. You can register and start using Flooss App. (KYC) verification process can be completed at a later time, but you can only apply for a loan in Bahrain once you have completed the proccess.

Yes. You can easily change your profile PIN on your Flooss App

You can send money to anyone who has a Flooss wallet

You will have full access after completing the verification process again.

You can view the list of your trusted devices and decide which to keep or remove.

Contact us if you need support with this.

Yes. If you have changed your phone number linked with Flooss App, you can Whatsapp us on +973 17799980 to update it for you with re-verification

You have to be at least 18 years old to be able to register to Flooss App

You can call us on 13310055 or contact us on Whatsapp at 17799980

3 Failed payments and your account will be escalated

You get six chances to enter your PIN correctly. After that, your account will be locked.

Yes. You can access card transaction history by clicking payment history from the dashboard

Yes, You can. You will be asked to verify your account in the first login from a new device